Please contact us on if interested in any of our services

1. Painting, Sketch and Print Sales

We sell Tinus and Gabriel de Jongh Paintings, Etchings, Sketches and Prints from our Gallery. 

We also have two beautifully illustrated books for sale 



2. Painting Sales by consignment 

We are happy to help you sell your Tinus or Gabriel de Jongh painting . We have excellent reach by placing your painting in the gallery and on our website and social media platforms.

We charge a 20 % commission on the final sale price.  


3. Etching Sales by consignment 

We have found there is a need for a place to resell etchings. We are happy to place your etching on our website for resale.

The charge for this would be R100 per month or R300 for 3 months, paid in advance.

The minimum selling price for these etchings should be R2000 each. Good condition only please.

4. Valuations and Authenticity Certificates

Both Tinus and Gabriel de Jongh Artworks are considered as investments in South Africa.

We issue valuations for insurance and estate planning.

Our valuations include:
A certificate of authenticity stating the name, medium, dimensions and value of the artwork at the present time. 

Please email with high quality image of your art for a quote, or bring it into our gallery.

Cost : R500 per artwork. If you have more than one one we will work out a quote.

5.Sales of other South African Artists 

We also currently have original works by South African talents such as:Silesho , Godfrey Ndaba,  Francois Badenhorst, Peter Jander,  Hekkie Moos, C Masser, Isabel Le Roux and CT Villet