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Tinus, the grandson of the original Tinus, and son of Gabriel operates a gallery in Newlands in Gabriel’s former studio. There is a good representative selection of works by both artists, who together represent a uniquely South African heritage of popular landscape painting from 1922 to 2004. In addition, the full selection of the de Jongh art prints by both Tinus and Gabriel are available for sale, both to the trade and direct to the public.

This site and the Gallery in Newlands are managed by the family who welcome members of the public to contact or visit the gallery. Advice on valuations, restoration and cleaning are offered, and in addition we look to acquire original Tinus and Gabriel De Jongh works.

Between 1981 to 1991 the de Jongh family ran a gallery at Lanzerac, in a building adjoining the hotel. This was essentially a memorial to the late Tinus de Jongh and became a major attraction on the Stellenbosch wine route. Here a selection of the work of Tinus de Jongh, from his first oil painting executed at the age of 15, preliminary pencil sketches, monotypes, etchings, and pastels, were exhibited.



Both Tinus and Gabriel de Jongh Artworks are considered as investments in South Africa.

We issue valuations for insurance and estate planning.

Our valuations include:
A certificate of authenticity stating the name, medium, dimensions and value of the artwork at the present time. 

Please email with high quality image of your art for a quote, or bring it into our gallery.

Cost : R500 per artwork. If you have more than one one we will work out a quote.


13 Aberdeen Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700

Tinus de Jongh Art Gallery
Tinus de Jongh Art Gallery
Tinus de Jongh Art Gallery